Baby Handprint Crafts: Funny Lamb

This cute little lamb is one of the baby handprint crafts everyone is able to make. With your baby, you have to do everything (except the handprint), but toddlers can already help in tinkering the lamb and your pre-school child will be sooo proud of doing everything herself.

handprint lamb

The sheep baby handprint crafts are easy and you don't need many ingredients, most of it will probably already be in your household. It's not only a craft for your kid, but also a wonderful memory for later years and a great gift to grandparents or other friends and relatives.

Funny Lamb Handprint Craft

What You Need:

  • colored cardboard or construction paper
  • paper plate
  • finger paint, white
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • crayons

What To Do:

  1. Put the cardboard or construction paper in you kids favorite color on the table. I recommend a dark color, otherwise the white lamb or sheep will not contrast well.
  2. Pour white finger paint on the paper plate.
  3. Dip you kid's hand into the finger paint and make a nice handprint onto the cardboard. Let dry well!
  4. Now turn the handprint upside down (the fingers will make the four legs)
  5. Cut out a head and two ears from a white cardboard (or any other color your kid likes) and paste them on top of the thumb print.
  6. Glue on the googly eyes and paint a nose and mouth.
  7. The baby handprint crafts lamb is ready! Hang it on the wall or give it to someone as a wonderful personal memory of your toddler.

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