Paint Stamping:
Easy Art and Craft Ideas

Free and easy paint stamping ideas for kids including art and craft ideas. Fun and safe painting ideas that are suitable for preschoolers and for toddler crafts.

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Tyre Tracks Stamping

tyre tracks paint stamping

What You Need:

  • plastic plate
  • toy cars and trucks - choose a variety with different tyre treads
  • paper
  • paint

What To Do:
  1. Add a small amount of paint to the plate. Choose one or as many colors as you like. Homemade paint works well for this craft activity.
  2. Let your child run the toy cars and trucks through the color and then onto the paper to make lots of different types of tracks in all different directions.
  3. Wipe the cars and trucks before changing the color, otherwise you'll soon get an ugly brownish colour..
  4. Wash the cars and trucks before the paint dries onto them.

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Types of Paint to Use

You can use any of the ollowing:

You can also try making your own at home with these easy Recipes.

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