Roller Painting for Kids

Free and easy roller painting for kids - great art and craft ideas for children using paint. Fun and safe painting ideas that are suitable for preschooler and for toddlers.

roller painting for kids

These ideas are a source of inspiration for fun craft ideas .

Choose and adapt them to suit your child and their interests, abilities and level of skill.

Paintless Roller Painting Outdoors

What You Need:

  • plastic plate / container / small bucket
  • paint roller
  • water
What To Do:
  1. Add a small amount of water to the plate, container or bucket.
  2. Let your child paint the outside of your house, the fence, the side walk, stairs, concrete, trees or whatever else they like with the paint roller.

The best thing about this idea is, that there's no cleanup involved at all. Once the water dries up, you don't see the artwork of your children anymore. If for any reason, they did something especially noteworthy, take a photo before the water dries up. This will keep the at least a picture of their art.

Color Mixing Roller Painting

colour mixing roller painting for kids

What You Need:

  • at least 2 different colors of acrylic or tempera paint
  • paint roller
  • paper
What To Do:
  1. Let your child put small amounts of at least 2 different colors on the paper
  2. Let let them combine the different paints with the roller to make a new color

This is great for toddlers, who don't yet understand very well what they're drawing. They will have so much fun "messing" around and get really excited about the changes in structure and color.

For kindergardeners and pre-school kids you can explain them the color wheel and how mixing two or more shades shows predictable results. They will be enthusiastic about the predictability and repeatability of this little experiment.

An added benefit for them is the forms and figures they can make with the roller.

Extra Tip: Use one of the fun pattern rollers from Center Enterprises. They're especially made for kids and make great textures in either paint or clay. Click on the picture below for more information.

What are the Best Types of Paint to Use?

colour mixing roller painting for kids

Both ideas can be used with either one of the following materials:

You can also try making your own at home with these easy recipes.

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